Tree-Planting Day

Craig Christie and the ASI Planning team are committed to supporting charities and over the last 5 years, the team has raised over $50,000.00 for different charities.

These funds have been raised for three different charities including Wild Mountains who run school camps for kids to better understand how our environment operates and how to live a more sustainable life; Mothers Milk Bank who collect mothers milk to support premature babies and Sydney2Camberra who raise money for SIDS and Stillbirth research.

ASI Planning understands that there are environmental impacts from property developing. Despite this, our motivation is to contribute to environmental causes.

ASI Planning also is committed to an annual Tree Planting day each year where developers are invited to come and join the ASI Planning team to plant a few trees.

If you’ve joined our updates by email and follow our facebook page, you should see an invitation to participate a few weeks before the next one is scheduled.

Feel free to get in touch to get more information or enquire about dates and locations early though if you wish.