Hi, my name is Craig Christie and I am the owner of ASI Planning which is an award winning and market leading Town Planning Firm. 

We help small to mid sized developers solve the problem of getting approvals quickly through Council.  I have worked as a Town Planner for 20 years, and in that time, I have seen people struggle to find and purchase suitable development sites, I have then seen people who buy good sites still have problems with poor Town Planning Advice which sometimes leads to unnecessary refusals of development applications.

You see, you really only get one chance to get this part right. 

If you get it wrong, you are left with a dud site that is going to result in you losing not only time and money, but also the confidence to develop property again. 

ASI Planning provides Town Planning advice and seminars that help people fast track their development journey, and when it comes time to get their development approval, we have a 98% success rate.  We are so confident on our service that we are the only Brisbane Town Planners to provides a money back satisfaction guarantee. 

I am currently looking for small to mid sized property developers who like the idea of experiencing a level of service they most likely have never experienced before - I am looking for developers who want fast approvals with certainty of success.  

If that sounds like you, you're most likely in the right place. 

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3 Things ASI Planning always delivers

  1. Fast approvals
  2. Holistic Solutions to all development problems
  3. Exceptional Service

How do we do this?

  1. RiskSMART accredited and market leaders; systems to expedite every process; same day return of phone calls and emails; negotiation skills; Knowledge and skills; Same day lodgement.

  2. A team of consultants to solve all problems; full responsibility of the success of the project after the approval; a client checklist.

  3. Money back guarantee, Same day return of call and email; Negotiation skills; 98% success rate.
Talk to us about your next project now!